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Friends and Family Test

What is the Friends and Family Test?

NHS England introduced The Friends and Family Test (FFT) in April 2013. On the day of discharge all inpatients are given to the opportunity to respond to the question

“How likely are you to recommend our ward/A&E department to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?” 

The Friends and Family Test is intended as a simple, comparable test and the response, alongside other information will be used to identify and respond to any concerns, make improvements where services do not live up to expectations and celebrate successes.

How is the score calculated?

The scores are calculated by analysing responses and categorising them into promoters, detractors and neutral [technically referred to as ”passive”] responses. The proportion of responses that are promoters and the proportion that are detractors are calculated and the proportion of detractors is then subtracted from the proportion of promoters to provide an overall ‘net promoter’ score.


Our Friends and Family results are available here: