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Our servicesChronic pain

Research and outcomes

All treatment offered by our pain services is evidence-based. We are proud of the fact that the research we publish influences both the perception and treatment of chronic pain around the world.

Chronic pain services

The primary focus of our unit is on improving functioning and not on reducing pain. Our adult patients show an average increase of 30% in their general ability to function with their current level of pain. This improvement is evidenced in areas of physical, social, and emotional functioning including self-report measures and directly assessed physical performance, such as walking speed. Another important indication of improvement is the near-50% reduction in patients' visits to their GPs in the three months following treatment compared with the situation at the start of the programme. There is also a three-fold increase in the number of patients who improve their level of work involvement.

Our research on our adolescent service shows that at the end of the programme adolescents are significantly fitter and their parents report less distress and judge their children to be less disabled. More importantly, at three months post-programme, the adolescents maintain their fitness, are less distressed, judge themselves to be less disabled and have increased activity.

Virtually all adolescents increase the amount of education they receive. For a large majority this means a return to mainstream school or college.

For more information about research activities and research publications please contact Dr Hannah Connell, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Directorate and Clinical Lead.

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) services

We are a multidisciplinary, research-active group. Our specialist areas of interest are:

  • the mechanisms behind CRPS
  • the patient's experience of living with the condition
  • novel therapeutic interventions.

We are supported by an in-house clinical measurement laboratory which enables assessment of autonomic responses to interventions and altered condition states. We collaborate with national and international experts in the field and communicate via research and clinical networks with other specialist centres across the UK. We also work closely with RSD-UK, the national patient charity.

We collect data on clinical and research aspects of CRPS. We always welcome those interested in a visit or secondment to our team.

For more information about research activities and research publications please contact Professor Candy McCabe email