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Our servicesFatigue Management

Referring to us

Adult CFS/ME service

Specialist therapy-led clinics are held weekly at the RNHRD or, if a person is severely affected, assessment may take place in a community setting. To access our service patients must be referred by their GP using our referral form once the required blood screen has been completed.
Patients can also be referred using Choose and Book, search under Rehabilitation, 'not otherwise specified'.

For referral advice or for further information, please contact our team on

Tel.01225 473 456
Fax 01225 473411

Macmillan Step Up service for cancer survivors


We accept referrals from GP's and specialist cancer teams. This service is for adults who have completed their primary treatment for cancer (any type) and are currently in remission or stable but are experiencing significant fatigue which makes everyday tasks difficult.

You can also refer yourself to the team if you meet the criteria above. The Step Up Service Self Referral Form is available in the useful links box to the right of this page or if you would like a hard copy of the form please contact our administrator.

For referral advice or for further information, please contact our team on

Tel.01225 473 456
Fax 01225 473411

Children and young people's CFS/ME service

We are happy to see any child aged 2-18 with CFS/ME who needs help getting better. They may have mild CFS/ME and need a little help, or have very severe CFS/ME and not be able to get out of bed. We can accept referrals locally, regionally and nationally.

Hospital consultants, GPs or case managers can refer patients. We can accept initial referrals and enquiries over the phone, but referrers are required to make a formal referral via Choose and Book or in writing to:

Dr Esther Crawley, consultant paediatrician, specialist CFS/ME service children and young adults, RNHRD NHS FT, Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RL.

Children and young people need to have had CFS/ME for at least three months before a diagnosis can be made. Before a diagnosis is made, children and young people need to have had screening blood tests to rule out other causes of fatigue.

For further information about the service, please contact Heather Hill, team administrator: tel. 01225 473425 email