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Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) describes a collection of symptoms which affect the soft tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body. These connective tissues consist of fibres which have become over-sensitised, resulting in widespread and variable pain throughout the body. This can lead to poor, unrefreshing sleep which in turn contributes to an ongoing cycle of chronic pain and fatigue. Our hospital provides a specialist, multidisciplinary approach to the assessment and management of fibromyalgia.

Why choose us?

Our service is expert, multi-disciplinary and focussed on the individual needs of each patient. We have over five years' experience of developing and leading a condition-specific exercise and education outpatient programme. We work closely with expert patients in the management of FMS. We are proactive in providing education about FMS management to other healthcare professionals. We were finalists in the 2010 National Advancing Healthcare Awards for the management of long-term conditions.

What we offer

We provide highly skilled professional therapists with a specialist interest in fibromyalgia. Our multidisciplinary team includes a specialist physiotherapist, specialist occupational therapist, dietitian, modern matron and expert patient.

Our multidisciplinary approach is designed to support patients’ needs and is supported by expert rheumatology consultants. Our assessment processes and treatment programmes are highly individualised.

The Bath Outpatient Fibromyalgia Self Management Programme (FSMP)
The Bath Outpatient Fibromyalgia Self Management Programme  (FSMP) was set up in 2007. This is an outpatient hospital-based interactive exercise and education group programme aimed at facilitating self-management of FMS. Currently there are two four week programmes, one is run on a Monday from 12.30pm to 430pm and one on a Thursday from 1230pm to 4.30pm. A six week programme runs on a Tuesday from 10.00pm to 12.30pm. The course content for each programme is the same. There is a group review involving a 1.5 hour follow-up session three months after programme completion. More information on the course is available here.

How to access our service

The patient must have a clinical diagnosis of fibromyalgia, please see referral criteria. For referral advice, please contact Julie Russell, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist or Sandi Derham, clinical specialist occupational therapist, tel 01225 473416 ext. 252 or email or