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RheumatologyReferring to us

Early Inflammatory Arthritis

Referral Guidance

Suspected joint inflammation for 6 weeks or more (not more than 6 months) and any one of the following

  • Swelling in 2 or more joints
  • Swelling in the small joints of the hands or feet
  • Positive MCPJ or MTPJ "squeeze test"
  • Early morning stiffness >30 minutes

NB it is very helpful to provide date of symptoms onset.

Additional features that raises suspicion of early inflammatory arthritis

Constitutional symptoms

  • Presence of other features related to arthritis e.g rash, painful red eyes or inflammatory bowel disease
  • Family history of autoimmune disease
  • Family history of psoriasis

Referrals should be marked as urgent and directed to the early arthritis clinic