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Fatigue ManagementClinical services

CFS/ME Adults

We're planning to relocate this service to a purpose build RNHRD and Therapies Centre at the RUH's Combe Park site in 2019, find out more here 

Our chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)/myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) service provides a local, regional and national service for adults with CFS/ME and acts in a specialist advisory capacity for professionals working with adults with the condition.

The service was set up in 2005 as a result of the Department of Health's CFS/ME Service Investment Programme, which made £8.5 million available between 2004 and 2006 to develop services for people with CFS/ME.

Why choose us?

We are a specialist team committed to delivering evidence-based quality services for people with fatigue. All treatment plans are agreed jointly with our patients based on their individual needs. We work closely with service users to review, develop and deliver our services. We currently have a number of service users as expert educators who input to our group treatment programmes.

What we offer

Our service provides specialist assessment clinics and treatment based on the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines for the management of CFS/ME. These include:

  • support with pacing and activity/energy management to help individuals manage their energy more effectively. This can include graded activity/exercise
  • support and advice on working or studying with CFS/ME. Our service can also work with the individual’s employer and occupational health provider to facilitate continuing in, or returning to, employment or education
  • general advice and support on issues related to CFS/ME. Telephone assessment and/or treatment can also be provided when face-to-face contact is difficult
  • psychological interventions to enable people to understand how their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and symptoms may interact, in order to recognise helpful and unhelpful patterns that may impact how they manage their CFS/ME.

Management strategies can be provided on a group or an individual basis.

CFS/ME Group Programme

Group treatment sessions run once a week, for two hours, over a six-week period. They provide experienced-based information on management strategies for coping better with the effects of CFS/ME. Groups provide support to help people choose and implement changes in their lifestyle. A group treatment programme provides an invaluable opportunity for individuals to discuss their experience of CFS/ME with others diagnosed with the condition.

A follow-up meeting is provided after each group programme to assess patient progress and determine whether further support is required.

Individual sessions

These can be provided for those who would find a group environment challenging or if patients would prefer to be seen on an individual basis. The content of these sessions is based around patient needs and preferences. When necessary, individual sessions can be provided in addition to a group programme.

Work Support and Vocational Rehabilitation

We offer work support and vocational rehabilitation for all those referred to the service based on individually assessed needs and employs four specialist Occupational Therapists with expertise in this area of practice two of whom have been involved with setting national standards, guidelines and policies linked to work, vocational rehabilitation and occupational health. This expertise is available for those with CFS/ME, cancer related fatigue and also those with other long term conditions where the person is deemed medically stable. Services are delivered on an individual basis and are risk stratified to meet needs and are based on the following model:

Work Support = Level 1 and Level 2           

Vocational Rehabilitation = Level 3          


                        Fatigue Model           

How to access our service

Following a positive diagnosis of CFS/ME by a GP or, if appropriate, a consultant medical practitioner, patients can be referred to the team via Choose and Book (ereferrals) or in writing, using our referral form and criteria.

For referral advice or for further information please contact our team on

Tel: 01225 473456
Fax 01225 473411