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Council of Governors

As a result of the acquisition of the RNHRD by the RUH, the RNHRD NHS FT as a corporate body has been dissolved, removing the requirement for an RNHRD Board of Directors and Council of Governors. The information below is a record of information available on our website prior to the date of acquisition, February 1st 2015. Information on the RUH Council of Governors is available here


The Council of Governors
The Council of Governors is a body which is elected to represent members, staff and partner organisations.  The role of the governors is set down by Monitor (the independent foundation trust regulator) and is written in our constitution. To find out who our Council of Governors are please click here.

Governors' statutory duties are to:

  • select and appoint the chairman and non-executive directors
  • approve the appointment of a chief executive
  • approve the salary of the chairman and non-executive directors
  • advise the hospital's Board of Directors on a range of issues
  • attend meetings of the Council of Governors
  • appoint the trust's external auditor
  • receive annual reports and accounts.

Their non-statutory duties are to:

  • contribute to governor activities
  • understand the requirements of the Code of Governance for NHS foundation trusts published by Monitor
  • develop the membership strategy and increase membership
  • give talks to interested public groups, clubs and societies
  • discuss the hospital's future development.

Council of Governors Election Results RNHRD NHS FT 2014

Governors represent the views of patients, the community and staff and provide a vital link between the patients and the Board of Directors.  During March 2014 the Trust invited members to stand for election for vacant positions on the Council of Governors .  This is an opportunity  to become more actively involved with the hospital and ensure that members’ interests are represented on this important body.

The Trust is pleased to announce the following members have been sucessful in the uncontested nomination:  

  • Chris Owens - patient governor
  • Stewart Entwistle - patient governor
  • Dave Hawkins - public governor
  • Mary-Jane Middlehurst - public governor.

Elections to the Council of Governors of the RNHRD NHS FT 2013

The trust is pleased to announce the successful recruitment of Jackie Vincent, Kathy Hawkins and Roger Mason as patient governors sitting on the Council of Governors.

Meetings of the Council of Governors
The Trust Council of Governors holds a number of meetings during each year.
It is important to note that for each meeting the Foundation Trust Council of Governors consider if items need to be discussed in a private part of the meeting as they are either commercial in confidence or relate to individual staff and patients.  You are welcome to attend the meetings, however we would recommend that you contact the governors or the membership support services to identify what items in the agenda are open to the public

The meetings for the second half of 2014 will be held in the hospital’s Lecture Hall and are planned for:

  • Monday 9th June at 14:00
  • Thursday 17th July at 10:30
  • Tuesday 19th August 10:30
  • Thursday 25th September 10.30
  • Tuesday 21st October 10:30
  • Tuesday 18th November 10:30
  • Thursday 18th December 10:30

Outcome of the RNHRD Council of Governor’s  Extraordinary meeting, 2nd December 2014

An extraordinary meeting in public of the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases NHS Foundation Trust Council of Governors took place on Tuesday 2 December 2014, commencing at 12:00 noon in the RNHRD Lecture Hall, in order to conduct a vote of the Council of Governors to approve the Trust’s application to Monitor for the Trust to be acquired by the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust in accordance with section 56A of the NHS Act 2006.

The RNHRD Governors approved the application to Monitor for the RNHRD to be acquired by the RUH.

If you would like to contact any of our governors of discuss any aspect of membership, please contact the governors directly  
or the membership support services:
Tel 01225 465941 ext 295.
Post Membership Team, RNHRD, Freepost SN1 301, Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RL

 Other opportunities to meet Governors

  • Governor drop-in days on 27th October 2014 and 27th November 2014 in the RNHRD Lecture Hal
  • ‘Governor coffee mornings’ on 3rd Monday morning of every month at the RNHRD foyer. 

Through these events governors would like to interact with the members to ensure they understand their views and to make sure that they clearly communicate to them information on trust performance and planning. Governors try to make sure when they are communicating with directors of the trust that they represent the interests of members in their discussions.