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Working with us

Me and my job

What better way to appreciate what it’s like to work at our hospital than to meet some people who already do just that? We invited a cross section from our multi-talented team to tell you about their jobs and what they like about working here.

Name: Richard Simpson
Job Title: Head porter
Department: Porter/Facilities

"I started at ‘the Min’ as a porter. After a few months I was promoted to assistant head porter, then I was promoted to head porter. I enjoy being head porter and I have a great team to manage, they are always willing to help out. What I like most about my role is the different jobs we have each day and working closely with the facilities team. There is no typical day, no day is the same. In the morning I organise which porter should do which duty (taking patients to physio, sorting the post, the waste collection).  Working at ‘the Min’ is fulfilling because the porters have contact with every department and it is nice to know everyone here. Most colleagues that I come into contact with are a pleasure to work with and it is nice when they pass on thanks for the hard work the porters do."


Jo Early

Name: Jo Earley
Job Title: Occupational therapy assistant practitioner
Department: Adult CFS/ME service

"I joined the hospital in 2002, employed as an occupational therapy assistant in rheumatology, where I worked for over three years. The hospital sponsored me to study for my NVQIII in therapeutic and diagnostic support work and I then transferred to the adult CFS/ME service where I am employed as an OT assistant practitioner and currently being sponsored to study for my HNC in occupational therapy support work.

Each day in the CFS/ME service is different with a variety of patient one-to-one appointments; the running of patient group programmes; holding educational workshops and designing literature.  The service is all about the management of CFS/ME and our aim is to help sufferers improve their quality of life whilst effectively managing this chronic condition. It really is a very rewarding job.

Since I joined the hospital, I have never had a day when I have woken up and thought 'I really don’t fancy going in today'.  My colleagues are friendly and supportive of each other and you get a sense that they really do care for their patients and are happy to always go the extra mile for them."


Sue Brown

Name: Sue Brown
Job Title: Clinical nurse specialist in connective tissue diseases
Department: Rheumatology

"I started work here as a staff nurse in 1995. I gained general rheumatology experience and started to develop my interest and love of rheumatology at that stage. After that time, I took a number of different posts including research nurse posts, which ultimately led to the development of my current post as a nurse specialist. I have 15 years' experience in rheumatology now and have developed both a local and national profile especially in the care of patients with the connective tissue diseases (CTDs), lupus and scleroderma. I am now the lead nurse for patients with CTDs and I am line manager for a number of specialist nurses and research nurses.

A typical day for me varies as I have many responsibilities. I regularly run clinics where I provide support, advice, education and counselling. I manage the rheumatology telephone advice line. I provide nurse specialist input for my patients who are admitted to the rheumatology ward. I co-ordinate specialist lupus nurse meetings nationwide and lead national lupus research projects. I provide education and presentations as requested, on a national and local level.

What I most like about my role is the regular contact I have with patients and the variety in the role. I have been lucky enough to have many opportunities which are challenging, enabling me to develop both my local and national profile. No one day is the same, and I always have to have my wits about me!

Working at ‘the Min’ is fulfilling because I believe that we always try to ensure that the patient comes first. Our patients are special, brave and resilient; the employees here are loyal and caring. I have always enjoyed working with the patients and employees here and feel honoured to be involved in our patients’ care."


Amanda Pacey

Name: Amanda Pacey
Job Title: Head of nursing and general manager for rheumatology
Department: Clinical practice

"I am the general manager for rheumatology which involves speaking to all colleagues in the different specialities within the rheumatology service. I enjoy this part of my work as it involves communicating with the many dedicated people in the hospital. I listen to all the issues that are being raised and need solutions and find in general the team are such experts that they have already solved the problems they have encountered. In my role I have been amazed at the caring ability shown towards patients and the advocacy on their behalf. In all areas the patients’ treatment and care is always paramount; this is simply why I love to work here. I get up in the morning wanting to come to work because there is such a loyalty to the hospital, not just the building with people in it but a whole philosophy for patients and their well-being.

I started working here through an agency, went to the bank on rheumatology and then secured a permanent position on the neuro unit. After a few years living in the Caribbean, I returned here, working nights in neuro. I soon became inquisitive and started working on infection prevention and control which I enjoyed immensely. From there I became involved in work to do with maintaining our high standards of quality and safety which I found really rewarding. Through the many roles I have undertaken within the trust this has always been my main priority. I have been night sister, education manager, clinical practice coordinator, acting director of clinical practice and director of nursing, to my current role as the head of nursing and general manager for rheumatology. I can’t resist a challenge! And … I wouldn’t swap it for the world."


Name: Sharon Grieve
Job Title: Clinical research nurse
Department: Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

"My role includes co-ordinating CRPS research studies, which involves a lot of planning and organisation, ensuring that they are conducted according to the current regulations. I recruit patients to the studies and perform complex sensory assessments at their study visits. The data collected informs the development of future treatments.

My typical day tends to be varied. I often have a patient study visit or need to prepare for a visit. I spend time answering calls, emails and liaising with other health care professionals. I spend time on organisational issues, updating the database or attending team meetings.

What I like most about my role is that I am constantly learning. The team at the hospital is at the forefront of CRPS research and I feel proud to be working towards improving treatments for CRPS in the future.

Working at ‘the Min’ is fulfilling because I work with a great team of people and have a job I enjoy."